Love at first bite.



Celebrate… the pleasures of the sensual life with our irresistible apples.  Our sweet creations are works of art and a feast for the senses.  Each apple is singular and filled with decadent sweet creams and fillings, dipped and topped with the most divine chocolate, and garnished and sprinkled with playful sweets and luscious fruit that evoke joy and delight.

Our sweet treats are created with a bit of irreverence as well as a naughty sense of fun to inspire amusement and satisfaction with each delicious bite.


“...These apples are amazing! Not only are they delicious, they are so pretty! I gave one to my mother for her birthday. She was thrilled with such a unique gift! Will definitely be back for more! ...”
jane donson

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About us

When two artists/tastemakers collaborate on a food project the result is magical, whimsical, decadent, luscious, delightful, delicious…  What is it for you?